The picture shows Clowin Kuni performing at the Wasenfest at the Flurschule.

Socially Integrative City - Wasenstrasse neighborhood

The city of Idar-Oberstein and the Wasenstrasse district were included in the federal and state program "Social Cohesion - Socially Integrative City". The objectives of the program are to increase the quality of housing and life as well as the diversity of use in the district, to support the integration of all population groups and to strengthen cohesion in the neighbourhood.

The photo shows an aerial view of the Wasenstrasse district

The redevelopment area is centrally located in the Oberstein district, in the immediate vicinity of the city center and the train station. It is bordered to the north by the B41 and to the south by the railroad line. The area narrows towards the southwest due to the topographical conditions and the course of the B41. The redevelopment area covers 5.9 hectares and includes Amtsstraße, Baumschule, Friedrich-Ebert-Ring 2, Heckweg, Ritterstraße 1 to 21 and 2 to 34, Schulstraße, Kasinostraße, Wilhelmstraße 1 to 19 and Wasenstraße 1 to 88.

The measure is being implemented as an urban redevelopment measure in accordance with Section 142 in the so-called "simplified procedure". The resolution on the formal definition of the redevelopment area was passed at the public meeting of the city council on December 16, 2020. The redevelopment statutes became legally binding with the public announcement on December 22, 2020.

The "Soziale Stadt - Stadtquartier Wasenstraße" funding program is supported by

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An integrated urban development concept (ISEK), in which the objectives and measures are presented in writing, was drawn up in accordance with Section 171e (4) BauGB to define the development area. The associated development plan locates the various areas of action and measures.

  • Restructuring advice for private individuals

    In addition to public measures such as the creation of a neighborhood square with a neighborhood center, private measures are also to be funded. In general, the following measures are eligible in the development area:

    • Building-related private refurbishment and modernization measures
      Private buildings characterize Oberstein's cityscape. They are therefore an essential building block for upgrading the Wasenstrasse district. A refurbishment consultation is offered to private owners, in which they are informed about the modalities of applying for funding. The funding can consist of the granting of special tax allowances in accordance with §§ 7 h / 10 f EStG and / or the granting of a subsidy on the basis of the modernization guidelines of the city of Idar-Oberstein. As part of this consultation, reference is also made to the possibility of free energy advice from the city of Idar-Oberstein.
    • Private redevelopment measures
      Proportionate funding for private redevelopment measures (demolition/redevelopment) is possible if they meet the redevelopment objectives and the redevelopment costs of outdated buildings would be disproportionately high. The gutting of properties through the demolition of outbuildings, garages and sheds in densely populated inner areas to improve the living environment, the lighting and ventilation of buildings and the accessibility of properties, as well as to create private parking spaces and open areas, is also eligible for funding.

    All measures must be in line with the objectives of the Socially Integrative City or urban redevelopment. This also includes the creative integration of the respective measure into its surroundings and the townscape.

    It is important to make contact at an early stage, as funding for private measures must first be confirmed by the city and a written agreement must be concluded between the city and the building owner. Measures that have already been carried out or started can no longer be considered.

    Mr. Stefan Lösch will be happy to provide you with individual expert advice on building design issues and funding opportunities as a redevelopment consultant:

    Stefan Lörsch

    MAP-Consult GmbH

    Heinrich-Heine-Strasse 1

    67549 Worms

    +49 6241 92055-80

    Further information

  • Neighborhood management

    The overall measure "Socially Integrative City - Wasenstrasse Neighborhood" is supported by a participation-oriented neighborhood management team. The neighbourhood management team is involved in the entire process of implementing the funding program and acts as an intermediary between the neighbourhood population and the administration.
    In addition, the neighbourhood manager, Ms Samira Brächer, provides advice and support for projects that run via the disposition fund - a pot of money that can be used to finance small measures in the neighbourhood that are developed and implemented by private individuals, associations or initiatives.

    Samira Brächer

    Stadtberatung Dr. Sven Fries - Rhineland-Palatinate location

    Landauer Street 58

    Location Rhineland-Palatinate

    67346 Speyer

    +49 170 3656992

    Explanatory video on the disposal fund

    The photo shows the shop window of the neighborhood office.

    Neighborhood office
    Regular consultation hours are held in the neighborhood office at Amtsstraße 7. Neighborhood manager Samira Brächer is the local contact person for all aspects of the "Socially Integrative City" project. Also for your own projects.

    Office hours

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    Tuesday11 From 11:30 to 13:30

    Wednesday15 From 15:00 to 17:00

    "Neuesvom Wasen"
    The first issue of the district magazine "Neues vom Wasen" was published in October 2019. The edition is regularly displayed in local establishments and distributed to around 300 households in the redevelopment area.

    If you are interested, you can download the district magazine here:

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