Road safety education at the Weierbach daycare center

Once again this year, Pascal Stamm, the road safety advisor from the Idar-Oberstein police station, visited the pre-school children at the Weierbach municipal daycare center and patiently answered all their questions. How do you recognize the police and what are their tasks? Are all thieves caught? Does everyone go to prison? Pascal Stamm also introduced the children to the job of a police officer. Everyone was particularly attentive when he showed them some of his equipment: protective vest, baton, handcuffs and his pistol. Afterwards, all the children had the opportunity to take a photo with the vest, a police cap and handcuffs.

The photo shows a child being photographed wearing a police cap and protective vest.
Every child was allowed to have their photo taken with the police equipment.

Later, the children were allowed to visit the Idar-Oberstein police station again. They were very happy about this, as there is always a lot to discover there. They were given a detailed explanation of how fingerprints are taken and each child's fingerprint was taken. The children were also shown the holding cells, the control center and the service vehicles. The service weapons in the patrol car were a source of great amazement. It was all very exciting and the children will certainly remember it for a long time.

The photo shows a police officer taking a fingerprint from one of the children.
The children were able to have their fingerprints taken at the police station.

In addition, the children were also trained in traffic behavior. Accompanied by Pascal Stamm and their teachers, the children actively practiced how to cross the road. At the end, each pre-school child received a safety vest for their future journey to school as well as the workbook "Be clever like Foxi in traffic" from Global Werbesysteme GmbH.

The magical conclusion to the campaign was provided by a visit from traffic magician Robert and his hand puppet "Sam the Bear". Robert actively involved his young audience in the demonstration and taught the children important traffic rules in a funny and magical way, reinforcing their previous knowledge. Everyone loved the program and would have been delighted if it had been extended. But Robert had to continue with Sam to the next daycare center, where other children were already eagerly waiting for them. The hands-on theater is funded by the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Education.

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