Folk fiction - tap dance that connects

At 7 p.m., the ensemble will present a danced introduction to the piece and in the afternoon, at 3 p.m., the ensemble will offer a free one-hour workshop for Grooves & Moves. No special shoes are required for the workshop, but you do need to register at

Sophisticated and archaic, cheeky and celebratory, the throbbing groove of tap dance accompanies the grueling search for community. From the family to the nation, from the church community to the political movement:

Collectives develop their own rituals, customs and sometimes even their own dances. Over the course of the evening, the bodies of the seven dancers become instruments, with energy flowing from the soles of the feet, into the toes, through all parts of the body and into the fingertips. This energy sets everyone and everything in motion. In a sequence of seemingly loosely linked dance sets, Weber and his dancers push themselves to the limit in search of their own folklore. They merge into swinging formations that tap through the stage space with concentrated power like rhythm machines, or draw together and become a melting core from within which the stapling of the tap shoes pulsates. With this brilliant piece, the Sebastian Weber Dance Company starts its third year of cooperation with the Idar-Oberstein Cultural Office under the motto "Idar-Oberstein dances!". The company shows dance that wants to experience and tell something, that gets involved - alert, sweaty and quick-witted. Angry, tender, kitschy, silly, but never indifferent. Her dance is a way of encountering the world and taking up and positioning themes from everyday life. "Dancing means navigating wild waters, a lively search and progress," says company founder and choreographer Sebastian Weber. The series of events is funded by the Tanzland program of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


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