EchtEdel, the brilliant EdelSteinLand magazine and much more...

"The EchtEdel project should not end with the publication of the magazine," says Karina Wagner, Head of Tourist Information EdelSteinLand Herrstein. "Rather, it is very important to us to continue the topic as a campaign and continue to show the general public the treasures that are created here and the highlights the region has to offer for a vacation or short trip."

In collaboration with the social media department of the Idar-Oberstein city administration, a small social media series is currently being produced in which the artists are presented in short video sequences, who also provide unique insights into their work in the magazine with workshop stories.

The pieces of jewelry themselves, which were so brilliantly staged by photographer René Nolte, are also to be put in the spotlight once again on social media.

With the increasing importance of influencers in today's digital landscape, EdelSteinLand has recognized that blogger tours offer a powerful way to promote the region to a wide audience, establish the EdelSteinLand and EchtEdel brands and create a desire to travel to EdelSteinLand. "We firmly believe that blogger travel offers an authentic and dynamic way to present EdelSteinLand, because we know that many people today get inspiration and information from this content," Karina Wagner continues. "We bring great personalities with different focal points to the region, who write about their experiences in an authentic and likeable way. Blog articles also have a much longer shelf life than posts and stories on social media. In addition, the target groups are very easy to define so that we can address exactly the people who fit into EdelSteinLand with little wastage." Blogger trips are also planned for 2024, focusing on the topic of gemstones and jewelry in combination with the sights and scenic attractions of EdelSteinLand.

All blog posts can be found, constantly updated, on the EdelSteinLand website under "Our EdelSteinLand".

Since 2022, EdelSteinLand has also had its own blog site, the EdelBlog. Articles are posted on in which either sights and service providers present themselves and their offerings or visitors to the region can talk about their moments and experiences and become travel bloggers themselves. The EchtEdel jewelry designers can also be found there with small blog posts.

A lot is also happening online in relation to EchtEdel: the website is currently being redesigned and provides a direct link to the magazine both visually and in terms of content. This is not only available as an online flip catalog, PDF download and print copy, but all the designers featured in the magazine and many other jewelry designers from Idar-Oberstein and the surrounding area are also represented with their own page.

In the EchtEdel jewelry store, which is a joint sales platform for local artists that does not exist anywhere else in this form, you can "stroll" online through the sparkling range of handcrafted and one-of-a-kind jewelry and order your favorite piece of jewelry directly to your home.

For those who prefer to get in touch with the jewelry designers live on site, the "ManufakTour" offer from the EdelSteinLand tourist information office gives you the opportunity to embark on your own personal journey through the jewelry workshops all year round. Combined with exclusive hotel offers, various culinary highlights and a visit to the Jakob Bengel industrial monument, this short trip promises an unforgettable time in the world of gemstones and jewelry.

Last but not least, a further participation in an international competition is planned - at the Werbegrandprix T.A.I., the ranking and awarding of prizes will take place with the involvement of the public in the voting. Detailed information on this will be provided in due course.

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