Steinkaulenberg Gemstone Camp


In the early days before the mining tunnels were dug, gemstone prospectors searched here above ground for the gemstones they so coveted, finding them in pits and gullies. Back then the only interesting stone finds were the whole, closed geodes that were completely filled out and referred to as “almonds”. No attention was given to druses, i.e., geodes with hollow spaces, because the tools at the time were incapable of working on their crystal and amethyst points. Our gemstone camp is situated today at the site of the former “Kaulen” or gullies (lending the name Steinkaulenberg) and where today’s guests can “prospect” for the druses and druse pieces once thought to be worthless.

The gemstone camp provides guest prospectors with picks, pickaxes and spades. We recommend that you also wear sturdy shoes or boots, work clothes, protective gloves and protective glasses or goggles, and that you also bring along a hammer or miner’s hammer and chisel.

The gemstone prospectors of old cooked their meat on an open fire. The gemstone camp also provides the opportunity for today’s guests to grill meat and sausages. The camp provides dry beech wood for cooking fires and the grilling is done by the guests themselves!

School groups and children’s groups prospecting in the special fields that have been built specifically for young folks are guaranteed to “strike it rich”! We help the kids along by stocking the fields daily with minerals from all over the world. Picks and shovels are also provided and there is additionally a roofed area to get out of the rain, as well as benches for taking a break from the digging.



Opening Hours

15.03. to 15.11. daily on 10:00 to 12:00, 12:30 to 14:30 or 15:00 to 17:00

How to get there:
Weblink Google Maps: From (A) Tourist-Information Idar-Oberstein to (B) Edelsteincamp Steinkaulenberg