Public announcement of the city administration of Idar-Oberstein

Objection to data transfer in accordance with the Federal Registration Act (BMG)

The city administration of Idar-Oberstein would like to point out that according to § 42 para. 3 and § 50 para. 5 of the Federal Registration Act (BMG), citizens have the possibility to object to the data transfers of the registration authority that are carried out regularly or on request.

According to § 50 BMG, there are several possibilities to object to this, including

  • Objection to the transfer of data to the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Personnel Management (§ 36 para. 2 BMG in conjunction with § 58c para. 1 sentence 1 of the Soldiers Act)
  • Objection to the transmission of data on the occasion of age and marriage anniversaries (§ 50 para. 5 in conjunction with § 50 para. 2 BMG)
  • Objection to the transmission of data to address book publishers for information purposes (Section 50 (5) in conjunction with Section 50 (3) BMG)
  • Objection to the transfer of data to religious organizations under public law to which the person subject to the registration obligation does not belong, but to which family members of the person subject to the registration obligation belong (Section 42 (3) sentence 2 BMG)
  • Objection to the transmission of data to parties, voter groups, etc. in elections and votes (Section 50 (5) in conjunction with Section 50 (1) BMG)

It should be noted that every citizen has the right to object to the disclosure of his/her data within the framework of the aforementioned regulations.

Citizens can apply for the transmission block in person or in writing, enclosing a copy of a valid identity document, at the Citizens' Office of the Idar-Oberstein City Administration, Georg-Maus-Straße 1, 55743 Idar-Oberstein.

You can also print out and sign the form at the following link and forward it to the above address:

The objection does not need to be justified. The application and the establishment of a transmission block are free of charge. An existing transfer block does not have to be renewed. Rather, it remains in full force and effect until it is expressly revoked by the holder of the block. For further information, please contact the staff at the Citizens' Office.

Idar-Oberstein, 06.01.2024

The Lord Mayor

Frank Frühauf

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