Call for project proposals to the Erbeskopf Local Action Group (LAG), Call No. 3

Leader funding period 2023 - 2027 under the CAP Strategic Plan, projects for the implementation of projects under the LEADER approach [Intervention EL-0703]

Date of the call:


Deadline for the submission of project profiles:


Date of project selection by the LAG Erbeskopf:


Total budget available in this call for funds:

  398.000,00 €

of which EU-ELER funds

328.000,00 €

of which funds from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate

70.000,00 €

The funds are made available to the projects according to their ranking.

The funding called for (state funds) is subject to budgetary allocation in the state budget.

If additional funds are made available up to four weeks before the end of the submission deadline, these should be incorporated directly into the call.

Procedure of the selection process:

  1. Advice from the LAG office.
  2. Submission of the project profile by the project sponsor to the LAG Erbeskopf office.
  3. Checking the project documents for completeness and basic eligibility.
  4. If applicable, presentation of the project at the selection meeting by the project sponsor.
  5. Evaluation of eligibility and determination of a score by the LAG on the basis of the agreed selection criteria at the selection meeting (if necessary also by circular resolution).
  6. Classification of the project in a table of the submitted project ideas based on the point rating (ranking).
  7. Selection and determination of the grant or rejection of the project.
  8. In the event of a positive selection, the project sponsor must submit a formal application via the LAG office to the Trier Supervisory and Service Directorate within six months of project selection. Failure to submit a (complete) application by the deadline will generally result in the project-related positive selection decision and the reservation of the funding being revoked.

The following important information can be found on the LAG Erbeskopf website:

  • Territory of the LAG Erbeskopf
  • Local Integrated Rural Development Strategy (LILE) of the LAG Erbeskopf
  • LAG Erbeskopf "Project profile" form (for project submission, see no. 2 above)
  • Current version Project selection criteria of the LAG Erbeskopf (decisive for the project evaluation and the resulting funding rate - see no. 5 above)
  • Members of the LAG Erbeskopf (information on the composition of the decision-making body)

The completed project profiles, supplemented by the required annexes, must be submitted to:

Local Action Group (LAG) Erbeskopf

c/o Municipal Administration Hermeskeil

Langer Markt 17, 54411 Hermeskeil

Tel: +49 (6503) 809-159 or -167
Fax: +49 (6503) 809-200

If you have any questions or require advice, please contact the LAG office using the contact details above.

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